Life Interupted is the highly anticipated novel by Keri Steward.

“Suddenly I was really a single mom with no man present.”

”Suddenly I didn’t have help with my kids and they had to take on additional responsibilities such as being home alone until mommy could get there. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t as independent as I thought I was and longed for a companion, intimacy and security like never before. Suddenly my old habits didn’t die so hard and I found myself in compromising positions out of desperation. Suddenly things seemed to have control over me vs. me having control.”

”Suddenly I realized I called myself a goddess but didn’t carry myself as one. Suddenly I allowed the world to influence me instead of me influencing the world. Suddenly my daughters weren’t acting like themselves any more. Suddenly I questioned my parenting skills and no matter how strong others viewed me I realized the real work had to begin within. Suddenly I realized my power, suddenly I had to take it day by day, hour by hour. Suddenly I cut off the dead weight, suddenly I had to pray. Suddenly I had to get back to my first love.”

"Suddenly I reminded myself all my help come from above. Suddenly I knew my worth, anything less than that I wasn’t going to allow in my life for hurt. Suddenly I wasn’t afraid anymore to let go of jobs and bosses that served no purpose. Suddenly my confidence was sky high and fear no longer lived here. Suddenly I learned trust and respect was earned and given in return. Suddenly, if you lost my credibility and respect you better believe it wouldn’t be long before I left. Suddenly I came into my own and no one could take advantage of me unless I allowed them to."

"Suddenly my brothers death reminded me to never spend another second of my life unhappy because life was too short."

Discover her journey and let it help you in your own path.